Photo: Joe Lynch

With Sepultura’s Roots turning 20 last year, former members Max and Iggor Cavalera have been performing the album in it’s entirety for the last few months. One of the high points of the album, was “Lookaway,” a track that featured Korn’s Jonathan Davis and Faith No More’s Mike Patton. If we were to hazard a guess as to who might show up to reprise their role on the album, we would’ve guessed Davis would be more likely to. However, in San Francisco this past weekend, Patton showed up in San Francisco to perform on the track.

Perhaps it shouldn’t have come as a total surprise, as Max Cavalera kind of willed it to happen in an interview with Billboard last year: 

“Mike’s a good friend of ours. Iggor meets with him a lot when he’s in San Francisco and eats sushi with him. We know Faith No More from back in Brazil; when they played Brazil, we’d hang out with them and became good friends. That would be really cool if that happened.”

Regardless, it sounds great and will probably bring you right back to 1996.