Soulfly will return to the studio in January with producer Josh Wilbur

Posted by on December 7, 2017

We’re pretty sure Max Cavalera doesn’t know how to stop making music. The iconic frontman just released a new Cavalera Conspiracy album, Psychosis not even a month ago and is already gunning to get started on a new Soulfly record. Max revealed to Backstage Axxess that he already has Soulfly songs written and booked studio time with the talented producer Josh Wilbur.

“I’m actually writing right now. I’m collecting the riffs right now and getting the ideas. We are already kind of booked for January with Josh Wilbur, the producer of Lamb of God and Gojira and Killer Be Killed. I think he’ll be great for the Soulfly record; he’s a great producer. I’m excited, because I think the album will have a little bit of a return to some tribal sounds that I haven’t done since [2004’s] ‘Prophecy‘. So that’ll be cool, to return to some of that. And then the rest of the album will be a continuation of ‘Archangel‘; a lot of people like ‘Archangel‘. And, of course, I think that it will be also somehow influenced by [Cavalera Conspiracy’s new album] ‘Psychosis‘, ’cause ‘Psychosis‘ was such a cool record that I’m sure that somewhere in the Soulfly record we’ll have the influence of that on top of it too. So it’ll be a really cool record to work on.”

So far, everything that we’ve heard about the album sounds pretty promising. In an earlier interview with No Limits Music Show, Max was teasing a concept album with tribal and spiritual influences.

“[the album will be] deeply tribal, very spiritual. There’s a concept. I cannot tell you much about it, ’cause it’s kind of a surprise,” he said. “But there is a concept behind the record, and I have not done a record with a concept like this since [SEPULTURA’s] ‘Roots’. So this one has got the same kind of feeling that ‘Roots‘ has.”

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