Marilyn Manson responds to Woodlands, TX show incident

Posted by on August 20, 2018

Marilyn Manson hasn’t been having the best of luck on the current Twins of Evil Tour with Rob Zombie. Within the last few weeks, the shock rocker has been wrongfully arrested, caught the flu which caused him to abort his Toronto gig, and had a few shows cancelled due to severe weather conditions. While none of this has stopped him from continuing on with the tour, the performer was forced to cut his set short in The Woodlands, TX this past Saturday (18th).

Houston Press reported that prior to Manson’s performance, the tour manager escorted photographers from the photo pit explaining that the singer wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want his picture taken. Ultimately, the singer did his best attempting to perform a full set. Unfortunately, fans noticed there were long breaks between songs with the stage blacked out. He barely moved during his short-lived show as he was visibly shaking while holding onto the mic stand. Ironically, it was during the song “Sweet Dreams,” when his body collapsed on top of one of the monitors. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time fans witnessed Manson fall onstage during this song when it was just last year when a prop fell directly on him.

A rumor circulated that his sickness was caused when Manson took holy communion earlier in the day for the first time in 30 years. Other speculations were based on backstage discussions stating how he had food poisoning.

However, The Guardian shared a clip of Manson admitting to his fans that he had heat poisoning. It was nearly 100 degrees as people have expressed how hot and muggy it was that day. Standing outside in the humidity can take its toll. 

Manson has since responded but, didn’t reveal too much aside from thanking his fans and that he ended up in doctor’s care:

Thanks Houston for being understanding. I ended up in doctor’s care, but I gave it my best and you guys were amazing.


Manson is currently scheduled to perform tonight (20th) at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO. We hope he is well rested and hydrated for tonight’s performance.


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