Bangor Maine Police Department apologizes for accidentally arresting Marilyn Manson

Posted by on July 31, 2018

According to the Bangor Maine Police Department, Marilyn Manson was wrongfully handcuffed during this past weekend’s Impact Music Festival. The department explained how Curtis Grenier, the officer who was on duty that evening didn’t recognize Manson backstage without his stage makeup on. Once the confusion was settled, the shock rocker was immediately released from detainment. Additionally, the department has relieved Grenier of backstage concert related duties, unless the event is associated with Disney for the time being.


Read the full statement below:

“In the interest of saving us a whole lot of call-backs, Marilyn Manson was merely handcuffed and released immediately thereafter.

Officer Curtis Grenier, typically listening to only Enya, and a little bit of Oasis, was posted backstage during the Impact Music Festival. He did not recognize Mr. Manson without his stage makeup- our apologies.

Later, when approaching Rob Zombie, Officer Grenier was overheard saying, “I have never seen him in the Walking Dead, so I don’t know what the big deal is.”

Grenier has been spoken to and relieved of back-stage concert related duties for the foreseeable future. The Chief has determined that Grenier can work backstage during Lord of the Dance or anything related to Disney.

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