I peed in Korn’s food: Marilyn Manson

Posted by on May 25, 2018

Photo: Wikimedia commeons

Recently, Marilyn Manson sat down with Rob Zombie to chat about the duo’s upcoming summer tour. Typical promotion, right? Sure, but during an exchange about the first time they heard each other’s music, Zombie mentioned that the first time he’d heard Manson’s music was back in 1995, when an early tour found the band sandwiched between Danzig and Korn, who were doing their major first national tour. Then this exchange happened:

Manson: “It was definitely Danzig… Danzig and Korn was before us. I used to piss on their catering.”

Zombie: “Well, you gotta go what you gotta do.”

Manson: “No, I just thought it was funny, they went on before us though…”

Zombie: “Wait Korn‘s catering or Danzig‘s catering?”

Manson: “No, No, Korn‘s. Danzig, I would use his bus as a place for sexual liasons…”

That’s a pretty shitty thing to do to any band, but it’s at least on-brand for Manson, if he really did it. Also, if he really used Danzig’s bus to bang groupies and the Elvis of Evil found out about it, he probably would’ve been kicked off the tour. It’ll be interesting to see if Korn responds to this or just chalks it up to Manson being Manson and saying outrageous stuff to stay in the headlines these days.


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