Judge denies Phil Rudd’s appeal, charges stick

Posted by on October 6, 2015

Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd pled guilty to threatening to kill an associate, as well as possession of narcotics, and he got eight months of house arrest and had to pay $120,000. For millionaire Rudd, that means eight months of mansion arrest, which he appealed in hopes of getting the charges dropped, too, saying they kept him from earning a living.

According to 3 News, Justice Raynor Asher denied Rudd’s appeal:

“It is only in certain countries that there is a certain problem arising from the convictions, and there is nothing to indicate that if Mr Rudd was a greatly wanted band member that his inability to travel to those countries would mean that he could not be employed in other countries.”

It’s hard to make a case that that Rudd is a “greatly wanted band member” at the moment, as former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade is currently playing on the band’s epic Rock or Bust World Tour. Given Rudd’s erratic behavior over the last year that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon, but he still thinks he’ll be back in the band.


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