Phil Rudd gets eight months of house arrest

Posted by on July 9, 2015

After his sentencing hearing was delayed in June, drummer Phil Rudd finally got his sentence for threatening to kill a former assistant and drug possession; eight months of house arrest.

Adding insult to injury, the judge admonished the 61 year old Rudd, saying he’d end up in prison if he doesn’t kick drugs, and that his drumming wasn’t that special.

Affidavits to the court said Rudd would lose tens of millions of dollars if he was convicted because he couldn’t tour to certain countries with AC/DC.

Judge Ingram said there was no evidence he had an offer from the band and he was not convinced that Rudd’s drumming was integral to the AC/DC sound.

“Queen replaced Freddie Mercury,” he said.

Rudd has been replaced by former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade, who rejoined the band again earlier this year.

Rudd will be serving out his eight month sentence in his two level, waterfront mansion, a punishment that Victim Advisor Leigh Woodman of Sensible Sentencing Trust doesn’t think is right.

“What message does it send out?

“I don’t see it as a punishment. If I was sitting in a waterfront mansion in beautiful Tauranga, I would find it quite enjoyable, personally.

“He’s living in the lap of luxury. Why not put him in prison?”

Rudd’s lawyer Craig Tuck doesn’t agree with that sentiment, telling Rolling Stone, “we will be appealing the conviction and sentence as it was manifestly excessive.”

(via Rolling Stone)


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