Well, the press release has gone out, Tommy Vext is filling in for Ivan Moody in Five Finger Death Punch for the remainder of their European tour while the troubled frontman returns to rehab. Since then, several members of the band have spoken out via social media. Yesterday’s press release suggested that the band was fully committed towards their frontman via a quote from guitarist Zoltan Bathory. In a Facebook post, he also gave some context about the ill-fated Tilburg show, calling it “an avalanche of clusterfucks.”

Claming that a crew member started the band’s intro before Moody was in the building, it was apparently up to Vext to help them out. Apparently, seeing the rest of his band onstage without him set Moody off, and the wrong intros and the being handed the wrong instruments contributed to the decline of the show. He promises that they’ll return to the Netherlands. 

While not addressing the Tilburg show directly, FFDP’s other guitarist, Jason Hook, seemed a lot less forgving about his frontman. In a now-deleted Facebook post, Hook, who clashed with Moody during the set, wrote “Feeling liberated after a long cvancerous painful toxic useless anchor has been cut from my legs” with the hashtags “thrilled,” “Movingon” and “gofuckyourself.” Also, on a Five Finger Death Punch fan Instagram that posted a picture of Moody, Hook reposnded with “piece of shit.” He’s certainly letting his feelings be known. Meanwhile, footage has surface from Austria with Vext filling in for Moody:

It certainly doesn’t seem like the band is on the same page, but we’ll have to see how things shake out after the European tour is over. They’ve got plenty of festival dates over here too, and if Moody and Hook can’t make up, it could be a pretty contentious Summer.