Five Finger Death Punch releases statement following Netherlands concert

Posted by on June 13, 2017

Five Finger Death Punch released a statement following the events of last night’s (12) show in the Netherlands at 013 in Tilburg, when Ivan Moody announced it was his final performance with the group.

“Those who have followed 5FDP from the beginning can tell you there has always been an element of danger and unpredictability in our music and in our shows. That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll. When you do over 150 shows in a year, you will inevitably have a few derailments, but the train always keeps on moving. Last night in Tilburg was one of those instances, but as they say, you aren’t a race car driver if you don’t wreck a car or two.

We can’t wait to put on amazing shows tomorrow night at Nova Rock all the way to our just announced winter tour all over Europe. See you all on the race track….bring a helmet….

Five Finger Death Punch”

Their management,10th Street Entertainment added:

“When rock bands are volatile, that creates a differentiation that makes them special. Five Finger Death Punch always delivers.”

Therefore, it looks like Moody will carry on with the group and the rest of the tour is moving forward as originally planned. Despite their optimistic outlook,we wouldn’t be surprised if this happens again. Within the last year alone, the frontman has built quite a track record for himself. He’s left the stage early, had a replacement fill in for him while he was in rehab, declared his 5FDP days are over, and then blaming the media for misconstruing his statement. The group have a handful of shows scheduled throughout the summer and fall, so we guess it’s time for us to wait and see. Hey, good luck to everyone involved. 

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