As if he couldn’t top last year, with Misfits reuniting and a Portlandia appearance, 2017 is shaping up be a huge year for Glenn Danzig.  For starters, he’s bringing back the Blackest of the Black, this time as a festival. The festival will take place in Silverado, California on May 26-27. Currently Danzig and Ministry are the only artists announced at this time,  but we’ll find out about all 20 bands and the 20 “evil attractions” on March 27, when the full lineup will be revealed. The last time there was a Blackest of the Black, it was a tour that featured Superjoint, Veil of Maya, Prong and Witch Mountain joining Danzig in 2015.

Here’s a teaser trailer:

That’s not all Danzig has planned for this year, though. Recently, he announced via Facebook the release of a full-length album out in May. It has been seven years since Danzig released an original album, 2010’s Deth Red Sabaoth, and we can’t wait to hear what original tunes he will come up with next.

Additionally, this June marks the 25th anniversary of Danzig III: How The Gods Kill album, an album that reached  the top 30 on Billboard charts, the first time in his career. Danzig promises to bring the album to a handful of shows and will perform “many songs” from the album.

Danzig stated the following:

“MARCH 15, 2017



DANZIG will release his new album in mid-May. This is the 1st DANZIG album of all new material in 7 years, since 2010’s critically acclaimed ‘Deth Red Sabaoth’.Title will be announced shortly.

This June also marks the 25th Anniversary of DANZIG III HOW THE GODS KILL. HOW THE GODS KILL was the 1st DANZIG album to crack Billboards Top 30 & the 1st DANZIG album produced by Mr. DANZIG himself. In Honor of this momentous occasion, DANZIG will be doing a select handful of shows this summer & will perform many songs from HOW THE GODS KILL.

You shouldn’t miss it !!!”