danzigportlandiapicGlenn Danzig seems to be coming out of his shell. He held court at Lemmy’s 70th birthday this past weekend, hobnobbing with rock stars and attendees alike. He’s also signed his first record deal in a while, with Nuclear Blast, and, as we all know, he also appeared on an episode of the upcoming season of Portlandia. Yesterday, the IFC comedy revealed a trailer for their sixth season, which launches on January 21st of next year. And amidst all the other stuff we see, there’s a brief glimpse of the Elvis of Evil at around the 46 second mark. He looks happy, raising a glass of wine, and while we don’t get any idea of what the sketch he’s in is about, we’ll all be watching for it when it airs. After all, Carrie Brownstein said he was “amazing,” and soon we’ll get a chance to judge for ourselves.


[via Metal Injection]