Metallica’s James Hetfield shares his ‘Top 10 Thingz of 2015’

Posted by on December 15, 2015

At the end of every year, everyone has a top 10 of anything that happened during those 365 days. They could be top 10 best releases of the year like the ones these amazing writers recently shared or top 10 events that really made a positive impact on that person. While some artists like Scott Ian or Shawn Drover gave us a list of their favorite records this year, others like Metallica’s James Hetfield shared their top 10 thingz that happened to him this year.

Hetfield (or Papa H as we should start calling him from now on) shared the following image showing the best things that happened to him this year and some are actually more relevant to the general public than others but they’re still good to see them listed there:

top 10 thingz 2015 james hetfield

To go down the list a little bit:

  1. Being alive is always a good thing to happen basically every year.
  2. ‘Getting the best guitar sound yet’ will definitely create some expectations on Metallica’s new record, which we’ve known for a bit it’s been in the works and hopefully we’ll get to listen soon.
  3. Just so you know, Castor Hetfield is barely 15 years old and measuring more than 6’2″ at that age would make any parent proud.
  4. It is a bit surprising that Hetfield barely met Mr. Plant this year, considering who both of them are but that would be on my list every year if that would happen.
  5. That took place at the Acoustic-4-a-cure event a few months back and you can actually watch footage of it here
  6. This is probably one of the biggest shout-outs of the year at any level. Baroness will release their newest album Purple this Friday and it’s their first record since they had their bus accident a while back, something Hetfield can totally relate to and even took some time to sympathize with Baroness via phonecall. The importance of this is not just the amazing music Baroness makes but the fact that the band was able to pull through the adversity and kept going after such event.
  7. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to shoot a .308 sniper rifle from a moving helicopter?
  8. It’s good to see Hetfield keeping a good track of bands he really likes and Pepper Keenan’s return to COC is a good reason to make even the frontman of the biggest metal band in the world happy.
  9. It was strange to notice that from the Rock in Rio footage but yeah, Metallica doesn’t seem to do that often but at least Hetfield thought it was cool to have fans sharing the stage with him.
  10. We’ve seen the Bieb wearing Metallica shirts more than once, even on national TV but, even if you think he’s not worthy of wearing that shirt or even a real fan, Hetfield sees it as a free promotion from one of the biggest pop-stars in the world so I’d be thankful for free marketing as well.

You know what’s something he’s not gonna list on his top 10 this year? Through The Never.

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