Metallica still recording new album, says Kirk Hammett

Posted by on August 10, 2015

It’s been an on-going conversation between Metallica and everybody interested in the next Metallica album, but as Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo mentioned a few months back, there is  a new album in the works and now Kirk Hammett is talkings about it in a recent interview with Chicago’s Loop 97.9 that took place at Lollapalooza:

Let me put it into some perspective. Okay, the last [U.S.] show we played before this was in Las Vegas [at Rock In Rio], in…. whenever it was… April or June… something like that. And it seems like we might not be doing anything in between that show and this show, but what we are doing is we are in the studio, we’re recording, we’re working on music. And when we’re in the process of making an album, we’re in for, like, weeks at a time doing exactly that. And so, when it gets closer to the actual gig time, that’s when we start rehearsing the tunes that we’re gonna be playing. And so, for us, it’s just another date on the calendar, and we are active throughout that whole period. The only thing is that we have to shift the thinking from being in the studio and being creative in those terms to playing a live performance and getting the setlist together.

Now, we’re just missing James Hetfield’s confirmation that a new album is coming and to be honest, it is time for them to release something new after Death Magnetic which was a fair improvement from St. Anger and maybe this time they will do an even better job and release an album that will bring some old fans back. Although is not like they really need it as we believe they are big enough to even play the Superbowl half-time show  but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind to see some die-hard fans excited about what they have coming.

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