Richard Simmons Turns Black Metal

Posted by on August 7, 2012

The most popular Iwrestledabearonce shirt claims “Metal Just Got Gay.” This is probably also the best way to sum up the picture weight loss guru Richard Simmons tweeted out to his followers this past Sunday (5). Under the caption “KISS ME!,” the “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” instructor attached a picture of him in a getup that’s mostly glam, a little bit black metal and a whole lot terrifying. The makeup is a little more Alice Cooper than KISS, but the upside down cross spandex pants he’s wearing cancel out the right-side up crosses he’s got on, and the shirt looks like something Ozzy Osbourne would wear at his mid-80s worst. Granted, Richard is still in great shape for a 64 year-old, but he needs to either hire a stylist or fire the one he’s got immediately.

[SeriouslyOMG via Zena Metal]

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