disturbedDisturbed’s cover of “The Sound Of Silence” has been getting love from the likes of Paul Simon himself, and even actor Russell Crowe. Now it’s getting even more mainstream attention thanks to Dancing With The Stars.

During his final freestyle dance on the ABC show last night, contestant Nyles DiMarco (who is completely deaf) performed to Disturbed’s rendition of the Simon & Garfunkel classic in an effort to raise awareness for the struggles deaf people have experienced as a result of the Milan Conference in 1880. As it turns out, it was actually DiMarco who reached out to the band about using their cover for the dance. Disturbed shared both the following message and a direct email from DiMarco:



In his own post, DiMarco shared that “My interpretation of the song is that for hundred of years my Deaf community has suffered oppression, marginalization, and language deprivation… but now we’re starting to find hope in this new world. It is time for our soundless message to be heard, hence the Sound Of Silence… It is our time.”

Whatever your thoughts about Disturbed or Dancing With The Stars (who are no strangers to incorporating hard rock into… odd scenarios) might be, there’s no denying that both the performance and message behind it are powerful. Video of DiMarco performing to “The Sound Of Silence” can be seen below.