Steel Panther Appearance Can’t Save ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Posted by on April 10, 2012

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IMOCYnAqjU[/youtube]Hey guys, it’s Rock Week on ‘Dancing With the Stars!’ What, you already knew that? OK, we’re not judging. At any rate, who better to give a Cuban-born actor that’s never heard of Twisted Sister some tips on nailing the fashion, mojo and moves of a rock star? How about Satchel and Michael Starr from Steel Panther? If you value the legacy (?) of Twisted Sister or are a Steel Panther fan, you really only have to watch the first 1:15 or so, since after that, actor William Levy and his dance partner cut a rug to a defanged version of TS’ “We’re Not Gonna Take It” that sounds even worse than Dee Snider singing show tunes. Additionally, it’s done to a stage show featuring pyro that looks like it was designed by the same people that brought you the movie version of “Rock of Ages.’ On the plus side, this is probably the first time middle American housewives have heard of Steel Panther, which might lead to them hearing tender lyrics like “hit her in the shitter, treat her like a critter,” so there could be a win in this after all.

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