Code Orange inadvertently wind up on ‘The Price is Right’

Posted by on April 10, 2017

The Price is Right has been one of the most consistently entertaining game shows since it began in 1956. Part of that is because of the audience, who may also become contestants in the game. The most awesome half hour of it for our world might have been when Killswitch Engage’s Adam D. not only competed, but won big on the show back in 2015. However, the show kept it’s metal cred by featuring Code Orange’s Forever as part of a prize pack available.

 The band Instagrammed a shot of their album, along with selections from Adele, Solange and The Chemical Brothers, among others. From what we can see from the picture, the package also included an old-school looking turntable as well. Here’s hoping an unsuspecting prize winner gets shocked when they drop the needle on the album.


the price was apparently right for #forever today on @therealpriceisright #notfake

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