Killswitch Engage guitarist wins car, truck on The Price is Right

Posted by on February 10, 2015



If you’re a musician, it can sometimes be hard to make ends meet. Streaming is paying a fraction of what actual record sales used to, and not many people are buying records any more. You pretty much have to rely on a lot of touring and t-shirt sales. Or if you’re Killswitch Engage guitarist and producer Adam Dutkiewicz (or Adam D.), you can go on The Price is Right and win over $50,000.  Adam D. was on the show earlier today, where he won a car, then went on to the Showcase Showdown, where he won the whole thing, picking up a truck as well, and $51,832. His enthusiasm showed throughout, with him breaking his microphone on the way up to the stage, but once there, he pretty much killed it. Granted, he’ll still have to pay taxes on his winnings, but that’s a pretty solid payday. We’ll put the whole thing up if any video of it surfaces, but suffice it to say that drinks are on Adam for the rest of Killswitch!


“I think I broke things” #AdamD #ThePriceIsRight @TheRealPriceIsRight

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Still winning!!! #AdamD #ThePriceIsRight @TheRealPriceIsRight

A video posted by Jesse Leach (@jesse_d_leach) on

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