sxsw-app-logoWe’ve been talking a lot about SXSW, and with good reason. The majority of the music industry is on its way down to Austin, TX, if they aren’t already. And while there are a ton of already-signed bands that are playing down there (like that young upstart Lady Gaga and that hungry young band Soundgarden), there are many more looking for their shot at stardom, or at least an audience that might gain them some new fans. With a little help from our friend Chuck, we’ve put together a list featuring a few bands that made the trek to Austin along with some local favorites. If you’re down there, we’ve included when and where the bands are playing (if they are, that is), and if you’re not headed there, then consider this an expanded version of Unsigned and Streamed. And don’t forget to check out our guide to metal at SXSW for the rest of the metal happenings this week.

5) Immortal Guardian


Local guys Immortal Guardian play, as they label it, “face-melting, mind-blowing, power/progressive/melodic shred.” They’ve played SXSW the previous two years, but not particularly legally. They played on a portable stage, nicknamed the “Shred Sled,” without any permits, and they had a few close calls with the cops. They actually played 11 sets this way in 2013 alone. So while they have a few shows listed, who knows if they’re going to play a few more unannounced ones? 

Friday, 2/14, 3pm
The Ranch, 710A West 6th Street

Friday, 2/14, 6:30pm
Secret Show (upstairs above El Sol y La Luna), 604 E. 6th Street

Saturday, 2/15, 3pm
Elysium, 705 Red River Street