2) Hellbenders


The album Brand New Fear is a heaping serving of stoner rock with some classic Southern rock flair to it. That’s why you’d have every right to be surprised when hearing that this group of 20-something year olds actually hail from the Brazilian state Goiás and have actually never stepped foot onto American soil until now. And as you can tell from the live video above, Hellbenders have the explosive live show to back up its full-throttle sound.


Tuesday, 3/11, 12:40am
Cheers Shot Bar (416 E. 6th Street)

Wednesday, 3/12, 4pm
Icenhauer’s, 83 Rainey Street
Casa Brasil SXSW Showcase

Wednesday, 3/12, 8:15pm
Swing House Austin Occupation 405 E. 7th Street (Corner of 7th & Trinity)
CraveOnline Showcase

Wednesday, 3/12, 11pm
Metal and Lace (720 Red River)