It’s pretty amazing if you think about how Dez Fafara has been able to reinvent himself with Devildriver following the demise of Coal Chamber. Yet even though Devildriver keeps him constantly recording and touring, it would appear that Fafara would have no problem playing with his former nu metal group again.

When asked by myYearbook whether he’d ever be willing to perform again with Coal Chamber, Fafara responded with the following:

“Yeah, definitely, I would do shows with them. It’s been 10 years, we put the past behind us. Meegs and my drummer Mike are clean off of hard drugs. The reason I left Coal Chamber was because they got into methamphetamines and I just can’t be around that kind of thing. I’m a family man and I don’t do any hard drugs. I had to leave, which sucked, but taking the money out of their pocket made them stop and get clean. We’ve been friends for years; they come out to Devildriver shows. You can see videos on YouTube of Meegs doing “Loco” with Devildriver. I don’t know if I’d entertain a reunion, but I would entertain some shows, definitely.”

Interesting, though, that he doesn’t mention original bassist Rayna Foss in his response, or her replacement Nadja Peulen either. You may recall that a mini-dispute arose between Fafara and Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose (who at the time was married to Foss) over Sevendust’s song “Enemy,” which Rose stated was about his hatred for the former Coal Chamber singer. The members of Sevendust and Fafara have apparently made amends since (Rose and Foss later divorced), but we imagine that things are still awkward between Fafara and Foss. Despite this, it’s cool to hear that Fafara is now on good terms with Meegs Rascon and Mike Cox, as the three had heated disputes with each other towards the end of Coal Chamber. At one point on tour in 2002, Meegs and Fafara even had a full on fight on stage.

However, chances are we won’t be seeing Coal Chamber returning to the stage for a while. Devildriver just started their tour with Arch Enemy (and will be on another major tour this January), while Cox has been working on a project with Nadja Peulen. For now, we’ll have to make do with the mini-reunion that occurred in 2008, when Meegs joined Devildriver onstage to perform “Loco.” You can watch video of this performance after the jump.