Yesterday, Kerry King and Tom Araya announced that drummer Paul Bostaph would be rejoining Slayer on a full time basis. It shot down any fan’s hope that Dave Lombardo would return to Slayer (especially after the passing of Jeff Hanneman). And apparently, the online announcement was also Lombardo’s way of finding out he was officially out of Slayer.

“And…. There you have it folks!,” Lombardo tweeted shortly after Bostaph’s return was officially announced. When a fan asked him via Twitter whether he “even hear from them or did you just read it online like the rest of us?,” Lombardo simply responded by saying online. Granted, the whole situation surrounding Lombardo’s exit started with an online post (from the drummer himself). And given how vocal he had been about why he was originally replaced the Australian tour (which found former Slayer drummer Jon Dette filing in), Lombardo’s return didn’t seem all that likely to begin with. Still, even though Slayer has certainly become more of a business than a band, it’s unfortunate that Lombardo couldn’t have been informed ahead a time about being replaced for good.