Dave Lombardo’s band PHILM to release new album in September

Posted by on July 29, 2014


It’s fair to say that in the court of public opinion, at least, that Dave Lombardo got the short end of the stick when he and Slayer parted ways.  However, he appears to be moving on, and is ready to release another album from his band PHILM. A trailer for the trio’s sophomore album, Fire From the Evening Sun, was released today, and it sounds promising. In a little under a minute, Lombardo’s furious and instantly recognizable drumming explodes from the speakers, along with some riffing from guitarist Gerry Nestler and bassist Pancho Tomaselli. It might even improve on their 2012 debut, Harmonic.

The album will be released on September 16th in the United States, the day before in the UK and on September 12th in Germany.

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