image: Wikimedia commons

Many in the indie rock world are familiar with Ryan Adams. The New York singer-songwriter who apparently got The Strokes into heroin was married to actress and former pop star Mandy Moore from 2009 to 2015. And while the most popular album Adams has had in years was a song for song cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 when she was holding off on releasing that album on streaming services, he’s certainly got a thing for metal as well. We’ve written about his impressively folky covers of songs by Danzig, Dio Alice in Chains and Iron Maiden before. What do these two have in common? Well, recently Moore was interviewed by Glamour, and the This is Us star said that she “married the wrong person,” which Perez Hilton chose as the pull quote to his tweet about the cover story. 

Adams responded with a tweet of his own, bringing up Seattle’s The Melvins as well as Ridley Scott’s iconic Blade Runner as the reason the marriage didn’t work out:

Ouch. They seemingly don’t have ill will towards each other, but if you find someone that likes The Melvins and Blade Runner, you could be a keeper for Ryan Adams. That’s obviously not the real reason they weren’t compatible, though. And while we weren’t expecting the “Candy” singer to be down with “Hooch,” it’s still a little disappointing. Here’s hoping they’re both happier now.