Here’s a Lady with three Babys

Posted by on August 7, 2014

babygagaWe knew this was going to happen at some point. With Babymetal’s tour opening for Lady Gaga having just wrapped up, you knew that Gaga would eventually check out her opening act. And given that she’s a media entity that knows the power of celebrity, you knew that if a photo op presented itself, she’d deliver on it. So early this week, Gaga, with a wig and an Iron Maiden shirt we’ve seen her wearing before, posed for a shot with the trio of J-Pop stars. “We are “baby” & lady” METAL team!,” the caption that they probably didn’t write reads on their Facebook page. “Babymetal with Lady Gaga! Lady Gaga came to our stage wing again! We love U!”

Babymetal will be playing Heavy Montreal this weekend. While this past week was the first time they played in the United States, we have a feeling they’ll be back before too long. From what we’re hearing, quite possibly on an American label.

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