Death’s manager Eric Grief shuts down possibility of releasing new Control Denied album

Posted by on October 10, 2016


Most of you are familiar with the godfather of death metal and the frontman of the band Death, Chuck Schuldiner and the immense influence his music had in the genre. But at the same time, he’s also the founder of progressive heavy metal band Control Denied. The short-lived band was only able to release one full-length album The Fragile Art of Existence in 1999 and was working on releasing a second album, which never saw the light of day due to the passing of Schuldiner in 2001.

Even though the rest of the band had expressed their interest on completing the album, after a long legal battle with Karmaggedon Media over the rights of the material, but it appears that we’ll never get a new album.

In a recent post on the official Death’s Facebook page, Schuldiner estate lawyer and former band manager Eric Greif, responded to an eager fan who inquired about the alleged Control Denied sophomore album tentatively titled When Man and Machine Collide. But the excitement died when  Grief responded:


After our friends at Metalsucks brought to light the news, Grief decided to shed more light on the subject by clarifying that there isn’t even a record to release and that it has nothing to do with Schuldiner’s estate or the rest of the band not wanting to:


Those are definitely crushing news for those who always thought there was some material to even put in a release, despite the fact that some incomplete recordings were released without authorization in the Zero Tolerance two-part bootlegs of Chuck’s B-sides and unreleased tracks. At least we can finally move on from the idea and let that expectation behind.

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