New EP coming from Anthrax/Every Time I Die/Volbeat/Fall Out Boy supergroup The Damned Things

Posted by on December 14, 2016


Remember The Damned Things? Signed to Island Records, the band was a disparate mix of the bands that comprised it. Every Time I Die singer Keith Buckley pretty much kept things melodic, and was backed by Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and Volbeat guitarist Rob Caggiano, who was in Anthrax at the tme, as well as Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley. ETID’s bassist josh Newton rounded out the group. Ironiclast was pretty refreshing when it came out, and apparently, there’s a new EP in the works. Hurley, appearing on the 100 Words or Less podcast, spoke about new music from the band: 

“I recorded five songs for an EP with The Damned Things — I don’t think we’ll be playing, Anthrax is still touring on their last record. ETID just put out their new record… uh, who else? Josh Newton, I think, has been playing lately. He tech’d for Joe for awhile; I’m not sure if he’ll be back when we’re back. So you know, that’s all over the place.”

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this, and what the five songs sound like. Fall Out Boy has returned as much more of a pop-leaning band than the emo one they were when Ironiclast was released in 2010. And obviously Ian and Caggiano aren’t in the same band any more. It’s not like The Damned Things ever really got to play that much when they were a side project, even though Fall Out Boy was on hiatus. Either way, the musicians’ common ground was what brought them together, with many of the songs sounding like a less aggressive Every Time I Die, and we’re looking forward to hearing how this turns out. Here’s what the band sounds like, if youv’e forgotten:




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