Biohazard Giving Away New Album Through Revolver Magazine And For Free

Posted by on January 11, 2012

It’s been quite some time since Biohazard set January 20 as the release date for their new album Reborn In Defiance. And despite announcing plans for an East Coast tour, two questions remained: who did the NYC hardcore band get to replace bassist/frontman Evan Seinfeld, and which label would be releasing the album in North America? Well though Nuclear Blast will be releasing the album around the world, it would appear Biohazard is opting for a unique approach in place of a record deal.

It was announced today that Biohazard would be giving away the album via Revolver Magazine’s website and starting next Friday, January 20. How will fans be able to download the album via Repudo’s technology? Well according to the press release, fans can “check into Biohazard ‘Containment Zones’ (record stores, venues, and more) across the United States using the Repudo app on their smart phones and download the new record directly to their phones or send it to their email inbox.” So how much will the band will be charging per download? Nothing! That’s right, Biohazard are giving this album away for free.

Vocalist/guitarist Billy Graziadei had the following to say about this unique form of distribution:

“When we started, we followed our hearts and innovated a new direction for heavy music, and today we’re doing the same. Technology has allowed us to find a new way to not only reach out to fans but also to thank them for their support all these years.  Grab our album for free and we’ll see you on tour!”

In case you’re dying to buy a physical copy of the album, Biohazard will release Reborn In Defiance on Record Store Day, April 16, with additional content. Still, giving away music for free is considered a bold move by most, especially considering how much hype has surrounded the album following Seinfeld’s departure. However, we’ll be talking more about this with guitarist Bobby Hambel himself soon.

In addition to revealing their big plans for the new album, Biohazard revealed that Scott Roberts will be playing with the band on their upcoming East Coast tour. It’s unclear whether Roberts, who helped fill in during their European Summer appearances, will be joining the band on a permanent basis or only temporarily. However, we’re hoping to talk more about that as well with Hambel as well.

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