Video: What Does Biohazard Look And Sound Like Without Evan Seinfeld?

Posted by on June 13, 2011


When it was revealed that bassist/co-vocalist Evan Seinfeld had parted ways with Biohazard last week, we pondered what the recently reunited NYCH/crossover metal group would be like without its most visible co-founder. Well it didn’t take long to find out. Yesterday, Biohazard performed their first show without Seinfeld at the Download Festival in the U.K. After taking a look at a few videos and pictures from the show, it’s pretty clear that Biohazard is making damn sure that fans don’t notice Seinfeld’s absence…both in sound and look.

First, take a moment to watch some YouTube videos of the performance posted by user earthling76 , including one of Biohazard performing “Holding My Own” up top and others after the jump. Then take a look at a few pictures from Thrash Hits. According to numerous comments left by fans on Facebook, it appears that guitarist Scott Roberts (who previously filled in for Biohazard on guitar and was featured on 2005’s Means To An End) is the one performing in Seinfeld’s place. After a quick glance, we bet you’ll have trouble telling the difference between Roberts and Seinfeld. It is unclear, though, whether Roberts is a permanent new member of Biohazard.

It is clear, though, that Biohazard’s plans regarding their new album won’t be halted by Seinfeld’s departure. Before going into “Holding My Own” (as seen up top), the band revealed that their new album will be released in September and will still feature the original Biohazard lineup. So unless they’re ignoring Seinfeld’s existence, Biohazard will not be taking the route Anthrax did with Worship Music and will still release the album featuring Seinfeld’s contribution.

So can Biohazard live on without Seinfeld? Apparently yes…as long as the new guy  looks and sounds just like him. Check out more video from the band’s Download appearance after the jump.




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