Even if you’re not in the New York listening area, you’re probably familiar with WSOU. For over 25 years, the college radio station, broadcasting from Seton Hall University in East Orange, NJ, has broadcast metal 24/6 (it’s a Catholic university – they rest on the 7th day). It’s helped break bands like Killswitch Engage, Clutch, Type O Negative, System of a Down, and countless more, all the while training many that are now in the music and broadcasting industry. For the past year, WSOU alumnus Rob Longo has been working on Pirates of the Airwaves, a documentary on the 65 year history of the radio station. Now Longo is putting a final push forward to complete the film, and you can help.

The documentary has already filmed over 40 alumni and bands about the role the station’s had in their lives, including Clutch, Slayer, and My Chemical Romance. They need to finish the film in time for its debut at the Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic City next month. The documentary is seeking $20,000 over the next 17 days, and has gotten a little over $2,700 so far. Premiums range from a thanks on Facebook to a 3D printed pirate ship that’s actually an FM receiver tuned into WSOU to Associate Producer credits in the film. As many can attest, WSOU has been an invaluable resource for metal over the last quarter century. Now’s your chance to give back to the station. You can find our more information above or via their Indiegogo page here.