Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich announces his new Beats 1 radio show ‘It’s Electric!’

Posted by on May 3, 2017

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich will debut his own Beats 1 radio show via Apple Music entitled It’s Electric! this Sunday, May 7th at 3 PM PT, with special guest Iggy Pop. An encore episode will air on Monday (8) at 3 AM PT.

Lars calls his show:

“My 16-year-old self’s wet dream: doing a radio show to a worldwide audience. We go all over the world. We look at international bands for an international audience. I’m gonna play you lots of really cool music by mostly bands you don’t know; a lot of bands I’ve just been introduced to. We don’t believe in boundaries, and we’re open to everything. I have some guests call in on the phone, and they promise me I’m gonna have this show every week.”

According to Metallica’s blog, we will hear many Ulrich ramblings including, “unscripted, unfiltered, and featuring NO ‘genre-fiction’ whatsoever.” The first episode will discuss artists we most likely haven’t heard of and obscure tracks from a few of his favorite musicians. Iggy Pop will be his first special guest and the two will reflect on their time together in Mexico CityAs the episodes continue, we will hear more about music in general, not just metal. He’s prepared to share hip-hop, world music, the sad shape the industry is currently facing, and much more.

Lars has championed bands like Kvelertak and Ghost before they were big, so it’ll be interesting to see if he really does play new bands, or whether old man Ulrich is talking about bands we’ve already known about for years. 


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