When you hear people, specifically those that like metal, discuss where they discover new music, radio is almost never where they find out about. The internet’s a great equalizer, as are websites like this one. However, South Orange, NJ college radio station WSOU isn’t just any station. The relatively small college station at a Catholic university has been broadcasting for nearly 70 years, and has been all-metal for the last 30 years. Countless bands including System of a Down, Korn and Killswitch Engage got their first New York-area airplay on WSOU, and many in it’s listening area listen to it to find out about new music. Including Body Count singer, actor and Geico pitchman Ice-T. When asked what he was listening to, metal-wise by Consequence of Sound, Ice shouted out WSOU: 

I listen to a radio metal station out here, Seton Hall University Radio Station. Don’t take this wrong, but when I’m making a record, I don’t listen to other records; I don’t want to listen to a record on the radio and then try to make a record like that. It kind of contaminates my thought process. Me, myself, I like classic hardcore shit. I’m listening to shit like Wisdom in Chains, Screwball, and Madball and Biohazard – similar stuff to what I do. And then I listen to old, classic shit, like Led Zeppelin and all kinds of weird shit. And at home, I don’t listen to anything hard. I listened to ambient spa music.

So we’d imagine that now that the album’s out, Ice is listening to WSOU once again. It’s pretty cool to see that some people still look to radio to find new music. If you’re out of WSOU’s range, you can find them on IHeartRadio’s app and listen worldwide. Bloodlust will be out on March 31st, and can be pre-ordered here.