If Howard Stern backs your band, that’s pretty much a ringing endorsement. Just ask Rob Zombie, or Train (ok, maybe don’t ask Train). And while there are plenty of heavy bands that would kill for a shoutout from the King of All Media, the latest act which he spent some airtime playing on his SiriusXM show was non-plussed. At least their vocalist had nothing to say about it. Mainly because the vocalist is a parrot and the band is Hatebeak. Stern started out his show on Monday (27) by calling the ‘Beak “my new favorite band,” playing snippets from Number of the Beak including “Beak of Putrefaction,” “Birdzum,” “Seven Perches” and “Roost in Peace.”

Hatebeak, of course, consists of Waldo, an African Gray parrot, on vocals, but also some humans, Pig Destroyer’s Blake Harrison and The Index/Malvador’s Mark Sloan, playing instruments and programming. Number of the Beak is out now on Reptilian Records.