Ever since Mike Portnoy’s departure, fans have been highly speculating who Dream Theater will choose as their new drummer. Guitarist John Petrucci has confirmed that the band has found Portnoy’s replacement and that the band is in the studio recording, but hasn’t revealed any names. Since then, rumors have pointed to German drummer Marco Minnemann as Portnoy’s replacement. He’s toured and played with bands like Kreator and Necrophagist, and has even jammed with DT keyboardist J during a special web cast performance. Plus, as can be seen in the video above, he’s got the chops.

However, despite the speculation, Blabbermouth has “confirmed” this morning that Minnemann WILL NOT be the new drummer in Dream Theater. The only thing that’s uneasy about this is that Blabbermouth doesn’t cite any sources for this news. They simply say hasn’t joined the band. However, it should be noted that Dream Theater is signed to Roadrunner Records, who also host Blabbermouth. So it’s very possible, then,  that the CNN of heavy metal got an inside scoop but can’t reveal any details…or they’re just really good at guessing.

Either way, we’ll keep you updated when any updates on Dream Theater is revealed.