Miami metal outfit AVAT have been busy working on new music as they continue to experiment with their sound by blending progressive and metalcore styles. Today (17th), the group has teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere their new song “Faith In Flames.” The track revolves around how the group felt throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


The band explains:

“‘Faith in Flames’ perfectly captures both physically and emotionally how we have felt during the pandemic, connecting to it more and more as time passes. The song is about placing your faith into a person who either intentionally or negligently mistreats that faith, and shows no care, respect, or remorse for it. There’s truly nothing like melodic hooks over abrasive heavy riffs to eloquently convey how we have been feeling during this pandemic.”


Watch the visualizer for the new song below:



We asked the group to list five things they learned about recording music during a pandemic. Read their answers below:


Roly: It doesn’t matter how far, what time you finished work, or when you’ll be back. If you get the chance to go to the studio, you take that shit because finding peace and quiet to record vocals in a house full of people is a virtue unknown to any parent. Also how hard it is to get that flow going after everything around you now is either closed or doesn’t work how it used to. Get to the studio? Wipe the door knob, table, mic stand, hear back, anything else even remotely relevant to what you need. Get to the booth? Gotta bring your own earpieces. Want to eat? Good luck it’s all closed after 5PM if it is even open anymore. Oh, and don’t forget your lyrics.

Dimitri: Your best song ideas are usually going to hit you out of nowhere so make sure you have some capability to record ideas at any given moment, even if it’s a voice memo on your phone. Inversely, sitting down in front of your computer and trying to hash stuff out from scratch can be incredibly frustrating, so don’t spend too much time on it. Let ideas flow, and if you hit a wall, walk away and come back later when you have something. 

Jonathan: Nothing compares to collaborating with someone in person, safely. When you can’t, remember to go with your gut when writing, it’s smarter than you think. But I think above all, finishing is better than perfect so write and create every day, even if just a little.

Romulo: We really had to learn how to produce music more effectively from home so we didn’t have to go to the studio as much and risk exposure. And when we could I had to learn how to perform and record with a mask on (proper breathing). But its like Jon said, just get the music out! Don’t sit on it trying to “perfect it”

Dimitri: I’d just like to say, keep your people close and always check in on them when you can. Finding true friends who care about you are harder to come by now more than ever, so show them you care too. You honestly never know when you’ll get that chance again.