Given that they predicted that Donald Trump would be running for president way back in 1999, Rage Against the Machine have had their finger on the pulse of the political landscape for years now. And while that band might not be together any more, at least most of them have reunited (minus Zach de la Rocha) as Prophets of Rage. Today, not only did the band, which is the three instrumentalists of RATM, along with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B Real, release a song today (titled “Prophets of Rage,” natch), but are also set to deliver on a promise they made when they formed, and will be playing a free show at the Republican National Convention later today. If you’re in Cleveland and want to see the show, it will take place at 1pm at the End Poverty Now! rally at 1416 E. 47th Street.

Given the news cycle in the last few weeks, it should be a pretty tense show. Donald Trump is being questioned by not only bands like Prophets of Rage, but even some in his party. He just picked his VP last week, and there are bound to be some protests throughout the week. Meanwhile, there have been Black Lives Matter protests the past few weeks in response to police officers killing several black men, which in turn has led to two awful mass shootings of police officers, so any protests this week will be carefully watched. They’re already playing a previously-announced show tomorrow (19) at the Cleveland Agora. Perhaps in preparation for today’s hastily-announced show, the band played a surprise free warm-up gig on a rooftop on Los Angeles’ Skid Row on Friday.  Listen to “Prophets of Rage” below.