Back in 1999, Rage Against the Machine were riding high. The band’s third and final album of original material, The Battle of Los Angeles, debuted at #1, and in November, they released a video for that album’s “Sleep Now in the Fire.” Directed by Michael Moore, the video famously shut down the New York Stock Exchange as the band played outside it. Moore was detained by police and threatened with being arrested for the video. At 1:05 in the video, a man holding a sign that proclaims “Donald J. Trump for President 2000” is clearly seen. While they were 16 years too early, you’ve got to give Rage and Moore some credit for predicting Trump’s run. While Moore was obviously satirizing the then-real estate magnate’s presidential dreams (he’d first spoken about the possibility of  running in 1988), he probably had no idea that it would eventually become reality.

Rage Against the Machine have a live DVD, Live at Finsbury Park coming out in October on Eagle Rock.

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