You can now wear Metallica’s ‘Load’ blood and semen artwork as a hoodie, and more

Posted by on August 17, 2017

Imagine Metallica’s album artwork displayed on clothing while leaving out the band’s logo. If you think about it, it would be cool to see photo-manipulated heads, coffins, lightning bolts, snakes and more decked out on a pair of sweatpants. However, envision what the design would look like from 1996’s Load? The album artwork which was created by artist Andres Serrano, a piece entitled Semen and Blood III, who mixed bovine blood with his own semen, and put the two elements between sheets of plexiglass. Well, picture this gore and jizz combo on a hat, hoodie, sweatpants, and a skateboard. Exactly, it sounds disgusting.

Hugh end skateboard company Supreme will release this new blood and semen collection on a handful of products and they will become available on August 24th via their website. They’ve collaborated with Slayer and Black Sabbath before, so it’s not a surprise for them to do anything with Metallica, but this? When the collection becomes available next week, it will likely sell out very quickly regardless. 

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