Tommy Vext continues Bad Wolves social media feud with image of songwriting royalties breakdown

Posted by on September 13, 2021


The social media feud between Tommy Vext and his former band Bad Wolves continues on. 

On September 10, Vext shared a post to Facebook containing an image of an email he received from his former label showing a breakdown of how they wanted to split the band’s songwriting royalties. The chart has the singer allegedly getting half of what he is owed on a handful of songs, some of which are set to appear on Bad Wolves’ upcoming album. 

Writes Vext, 

“Every god damn day I try to leave this alone and these dudes will not stop lying about me. These dudes are now claiming I didn’t write the songs. When I split with the label they trailed to negotiate my royalty splits at 50% less then what I contributed. We of course rejected this offer in March. Here’s the email with the projected settlement royalties. Even by attempting to decimate my participation the devastating truth about their lack of creative contribution shoukd (sic) be enough for anyone to realize what’s really transpired. Bad wolves are y’all done ? You’re ending your own career. I have endless dirt on you all. Stop forcing my hand.” 

The post came a day after Vext and Bad Wolves exchanged blows via social media. Bad Wolves released a statement calling Vext “desperate” for trying to re-record the band’s music and using their name to launch a solo tour. Vext fought back, calling the band “hired guns” who piggyback on his fame. 

Earlier this year, Vext parted ways with Bad Wolves, alleging that he was kicked out of the band for his conservative viewpoints. This began a brutal back and forth between Vext, the band and their label, Better Noise. In July, Vext sued Better Noise and former manager Allen Kovac for breach of contract and fiduciary duties. Better Noise fired back, filing a countersuit alleging copyright infringement for posting unreleased Bad Wolves music on his OnlyFans. 

Vext, under the name Tommy Vext and the [email protected] W8lV3S, is currently finishing up his Don’t Shed On Me” tour in Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. Those dates can be found here

Bad Wolves’ new album, ‘Dear Monsters,’ is set for release on October 29th. It’s the band’s first release with new vocalist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz (ex-Acacia Strain). The video for first single, “Lifeline,” can be found here. Pre-orders for the album are available now.


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