Recently ousted Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext has hit the road as “Tommy Vext and the B@D W8lV3S.” Earlier this year Vext was removed from the band sparking bad blood between the two parties.

Vext has allegedly been bad mouthing his former bandmates and has gone as far to file a lawsuit against the band’s manager and label head Allen Kovac citing a concerted effort to push him out of the band led by Kovac. Reasons allegedly involved social posts by Vext expressing his belief in certain “right wing conspiracy theories.” In addition Vext accused Kovac of racism which has been denied by the manager. Vext also claims ownership of music that he claims he wrote and believes will be included on the next Bad Wolves album Dear Monsters. The drama continues as Vext has taken to promoting his “Don’t Shed On Me Tour” tour under the name “Tommy Vext and the B@D W8lV3S.”

Moving on, Bad Wolves has replaced Vext with ex Acacia Strain vocalist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz and are getting ready to release their new album “Dear Monsters” in a short while.

Stay tuned for developments!



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