Suicide Silence is going on a “Virtual World Tour”

Posted by on May 11, 2020


Suicide Silence has decided to try something different in regards to touring during this COVID-19 pandemic. The band has announced a “Virtual World Tour” that will featured exclusive professionally filmed sets and unique merch for each market. The shows will be based on timezone and will be geo-gated within a reasonable radius so that only that market can view the particular stream.

Anyone who purchases a ticket will have access to exclusive merch and other items that won’t be sold again. The tickets will go on sale  several weeks or months in advance so fans can communicate with the band and request songs for their set. Each set will also include a Q&A session after the main show. The band expressed their excitement about the “Virtual World Tour”

“With touring conditions as they are, we want to give these local metal communities a place to come together and experience a new type of Suicide Silence show.

The ability for us to schedule a performance anywhere around the world with each market’s time zone in mind will be a huge positive. We’ll be able to play for places we’ve only been to once twice or maybe never before and no one other than them will ever get to see that particular performance.

While we plan to begin with markets where we had to cancel or postpone recent shows, we’ll certainly keep all market requests in mind and add shows around the globe accordingly.

Of course, once we’re able to properly tour without extreme audience restrictions, we’ll book as many shows as physically possible. Until then, we’ll be offering up a variety of unique virtual experiences and we can’t wait for this all to kick off.”

Suicide Silence dropped Become the Hunter back in February. Grab your copy here.


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