Science found the most metal word in the English language

Posted by on July 28, 2016


Manowar is one of those bands you can learn their entire lyrical history by simply learning some key words like steel, blood, fire or sword and they even has a lyric generator if you want to test this theory. But Manowar is not the only sinner doing that and in fact, most of the heavy metal bands out there are guilty of this trope as proven by science.

Data analytics blog Degenerate State recently published their most recent research about metal lyrics in hopes to find the most metal word in the English language.  “Heavy Metal and Natural Language Processing – Part 1” goes in depth about the frequency of certain words in metal lyrics, analyzing a data set containing lyrics to 222,623 songs from 7,364 bands spread over 22,314 albums.

While the sample size may not cover every single metal song out there, it’s a significant size to determine which are the most metal words used by the majority of metal bands out there. To the surprise of those expecting that word to be “Satan” it was determined that the most metal word ever used is burn.

Burn is closely followed by cries, veins, eternity, and breathe. In contrast to those, the analysis also determined that the least metal word is particularly,followed by indicated, secretary, committee, and university. You can read the entire study here and also enjoy the following haikus taken out of the study:

Burn motherfucker
feel the flame listen to the
whiplash crack your brain
- Pale Rider, Gamma Ray

Freaking out foaming
at the mouth you leave a trail
of dead behind you
- Bite like a Bulldog, Lordi

I part the bloody
hide put my dick right in her
cum is getting thin
- Hand of Doom, Danzig

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