Rainbow Bar & Grill shut down for cockroach infestation

Posted by on October 23, 2015

rainbowbarIf you were in Los Angeles yesterday and stopped by the infamous Rainbow Bar & Grill to soak in the atmosphere, or perhaps to see Lemmy playing video poker, you were no doubt disappointed to find the legendary venue closed. According to a sign outside, the Sunset Strip staple was closed “due to a plumbing issue.” Except if you talk to TMZ, the plumbing issue was more of an exterminating one, as the Rainbow was shut down due to a cockroach infestation:

L.A. County health inspectors descended on Rainbow Wednesday and turned up cockroaches everywhere … 5 dead behind the hand wash sink, 4 live ones on a wall, 2 live by the cook line, 3 dead ones inside the compressor and 1 live one by the dishwasher.

According to their signs, they reopened today. Let’s be honest, though, it’s not like anyone went there for the food. It is, however, the very personification of the Sunset Strip and hair metal. Lemmy really does live right across the street from there, and is there (or at least was there) whenever he wasn’t touring. It was featured in three Guns N’ Roses videos, and it was pretty much the de facto hangout spot for many of ’80s metal band like Motley Crue, W.A.S.P. and Ratt. In fact, it’s Wikipedia page says that the band Rainbow named themselves after the club. But now if you go there, the creepy crawly thing you catch might not just be crabs, so be aware!

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