No, that’s not Taylor Swift wearing a Veil of Maya shirt

Posted by on February 23, 2017


We’re at that point in pop culture where it’s not uncommon to see pop stars co-opting metal style to appear edgy. Justin Bieber’s a Metallica fan, Lady Gaga actually jammed with them, and Rihanna rocked a Krokus shirt on her tour while making her own death metal logo. Taylor Swift, on the other hand? We’re going to venture the first time the country-turned-pop star ever heard metal was while watching Gaga and Metallica perform “Atlas Rise” at the Grammys earlier this month. That’s why the internet quickly freaked out when seeing a picture that appeared to show her wearing a Veil of Maya shirt.

It didn’t take too long for the internet to realize that the attractive blond wearing the Veil of Maya shirt was instead April Gloria. Gloria is a married woman from Kansas that’s a cosplayer. In addition to creating costumes that look like Skyrim characters, she also looks a hell of a lot like T-Swizzle (that’s what they call her, right?). And she’s apparently enough of a fan of Veil of Maya to have worn the shirt and created an internet shitstorm. Don’t worry, if Taylor actually wears anything that makes it slightly seem like she’s into metal, everyone (including us) will probably report on it breathlessly. In the meantime, both April Gloria and Veil of Maya should be happy people are talking about them, regardless of the reason.

[via Rock Feed]


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