Manowar Film Mexico Show for DVD / Blu-Ray Release

Posted by on March 17, 2020

Manowar headlined Mexico’s Heaven & Hell Metal Fest this past Saturday (15) night, marking the first time the band has performed in the country during the course of their 40-year career. 

To commemorate the experience, the group filmed their 18-song set and are planning to release it on DVD and Blu-Ray. Shot in 4K, not much else is known about the release just yet.

Earlier this month, Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio told Summa Inferno that the band was taking a break from touring following their “The Final Battle” tour to work on a new project.

“The intention was for sure to take a break for some time because we’re working on a big rock opera — and I mean musical rock opera; however you wanna look at it. But it’s gonna be a big epic story. And so that takes time. We can’t put that together like that. And the last EP, songs that were released, will be part of this massive big epic story.”

Manowar released their latest EP, The Final Battle I, in March 2019. An official photo book, The Blood Of The Kings – Vol. I, was released through The Kingdom Of Steel last year as well.


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