Despite what has been revealed on Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien, it is suggested to refrain from making any judgements until a statement is made. On Monday (10th), O’Brien lost his home in a fire four days after an extensive North American tour. Aside from Florida news outlets, we haven’t received any updates on this matter from the band and label. Until now. A fundraiser has been launched by Deana Mazurkiewicz, wife of Cannibal Corpse drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz via The campaign has addressed the issue that O’Brien’s entire house burned down and has lost everything he owns.

Read the full statement below:

“As most of you are aware on December 10, 2018, Pat O’brien’s house burned down. He lost everything he owns.

Pat is a standup guy, true to his friends, family and his band. Also Pat does not have insurance, and lost everything that he owns. These funds will  help him get back on his feet with the regular much-needed necessities like clothing, a roof over his head, and other daily life necessities that are needed.  

Understanding that money is tight for everybody, especially around the holidays but every amount does help. If it’s $1, $5 dollars, $20 or more. Every penny from this campaign will go directly to Pat.

If you’re a metal fan and you’ve had the honor of meeting Pat at a show, or elsewhere when he’s out and about then you know how friendly he is, and approachable.  He would never start a campaign for himself, but I know he would be absolutely humbled by the support shown.

I asked that people not jump to conclusions until the full details of what occurred come out, and that you show Pat nothing but love and support and let him know that you’re there for him.  Although the last 48 hours have been shocking to most people, they’ve been devastating to him.

Please feel free to share your pictures, your words and show your support. The changing of your profile pictures on Facebook has been very inspirational. The metal community is a tight one whether you know somebody personally or not ans your support is so much appreciated.”

Pat O’Brien was arrested on Monday night (10th) for aggravated assault on a Law Enforcement officer w/ a deadly weapon and burglary occupied dwelling with assault or battery. The incident happened in Northdale, FL and while his house was burning, O’Brien was inside another home, half a mile away from his residence and refused to leave. It’s been reported that he pushed a woman and fled to the backyard. When authorities arrived, he ended up charging them with a knife. O’Brien’s first court appearance was held on the next day (11th), which was also the day after the group announced they will be supporting Slayer’s 2019 North American farewell trek.

Flamethrowers were found in the guitarist’s home. However, please note they are legal in 48 states and restricted in California and Maryland. ABC Action News spoke to the homeowners as the homeowner believed the guitarist was hallucinating when he spoke to him about the “rapture” and claimed “someone was after him.” Hopefully, we will hear a statement from O’Brien. Regardless, all of his belongings have been destroyed and you can help by donating here.