Kerry King reveals Slayer has a song written about Donald Trump’s “nonsense,” Republicans “f**king things up”

Posted by on August 16, 2017

Towards the beginning of this year, Slayer’s Tom Araya shared a photoshopped image of President Donald Trump alongside the band’s classic lineup. Immediately following, the band faced a handful of backlash, along with Kerry King sharing his response to openly discussing their thoughts about Trump followed by Araya calling America, “a nation of crybabies,” making it pretty apparent what side the Chilean-born singer and bassist was on.

With the continuous feedback, it looks like Slayer will soon have a song devoted to Trump’s “nonsense” and the Republican party “fucking things up.” King recently spoke with snowboarding.com and he revealed the group has written a track based on present day Trump chaos.

He stated:

“I think Trump is a more individual ideology, for sure. The band, you know, whenever I try and address political songs, which we do, I can’t say we don’t, but I will base it on the US Government because that’s the government I know, but I try to make it vague enough so that anyone in any country can relate to it.

I hate my chancellor, or, I hate my prime minister, I hate my government, I try to make it so that anyone can get something out of it because if it was pinpointed at America, only Americans would love that song – or hate that song depending on what I say in it. I have one on the next record that is basically about Trump’s nonsense, but it’s really going to be about the Republicans just fucking things up.”

It’ll be interesting to hear what the lyrics are. Slayer have never really stated a political belief, but the song “Dittohead” was inspired by the band’s appreciation of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. Will a song about “Republicans fucking things up” cost Slayer some fans? Probably not, but then again since the band’s pretty much avoided being a political band througout the majority of their career. they might face some backlash from those that don’t want politics in their Slayer.

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