We recently noticed Kirk Hammett’s Twitter outburst that began on Saturday (21). Looking at his account again, you will see his opinions are still there. In fact, outlooks from various political viewpoints remain untouched on social media. However, not so much for Slayer, according to vocalist/bassist Tom Araya. On Friday (20), Araya said he’d posted a photoshopped image on the band’s Instagram, revealing the band’s classic lineup with President Donald Trump. Obviously this created mixed reactions, with political discourse on the internet high enough to get some to log off. Araya believes the original posted photo completely disappeared from their social media. While we do not know if it was removed from a human, a bot, or the social media admin, the photo vanished, leaving Araya to believe in conspiracies.

Araya commented on the re-uploaded photo:

“Believe it or not this picture was posted by me Tom Araya on 1/20 cause I thought it was funny … I was amazed at the comments about the picture some positive some negative more amazing was in 2 hours there was 10,000 likes … But i never would have guessed that there where so many snowflakes commenting their distaste for the new president. Like him or not he is the president … woke up the next morning and found someone had deleted the post … can some one please explain why…?”