Earlier this week, Slayer were forced to state that they didn’t have any official political stance after an Instagram post put up on their page by Tom Araya that photoshopped President Trump into an early picture of them. It was taken down, apparently by the band, and he put it up again thinking there might be a conspiracy, engaging in some casual Republican talking points. After a backlash from some, the band stated that they weren’t really about being a political band, and that was that. However, although guitarist Kerry King doesn’t have an Instagram account, he issued a statement through his wife’s account. It’s actually a calm, somewhat measured response that if anything can be summed up by the sentence “joke or not, my opinion is that our war of woreds should be with people who don’t believe what Slayer is about. Not with our own fan base.” That’s likely in response to Araya offending a gay Slayer fan and calling people “snowflakes,” which is as played out as it gets. Regardless, it’s as well-spoken as anything we’ve heard from King, and will hopefully be the last word on the whole debacle. 


[via Metal Sucks]