Dave Lombardo’s relationship with former Slayer bandmates is “Non-existent”

Posted by on February 14, 2014


Slayer’s Tom Araya and Kerry King haven’t exactly remained in the good graces of some of their fans, and the split with Dave Lombardo is not the least of the reasons. Lombrado recently spoke with Planet Mosh, and it’s clear that things are at an all time low between him and his former bandmates.

When asked about his relationship with Araya and King, Lombardo simply said:

“Sadly, non-existent.”

He continued by talking about being referred to as “a working member of the band”:

“It’s sickening. I left the band in ’92 to be at home for the birth of my son, period. One show changed the course of this band. Tom has forgotten history… swallowed the stories that have been created throughout the years to sell tickets. If it weren’t for me, Slayer would not exist. I approached Kerry to start this band. Somehow they have forgotten that.”

Lombardo also had a few things to say about Jeff Hanneman’s memorial as well:

“I was shocked that Tom didn’t show up to the memorial. It was uncomfortable for me to be there, given what was going on with the band, but I still showed up. I was equally shocked at Kerry’s self-centered stories. None of his stories described the kind of human being Jeff was.”

It’s sad that things have turned out this way for Slayer. If reconciliation is still in the cards, it might not be until a while down the road.

[via Planet Mosh]

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